Ariake Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Project

Project Features
Construction of wastewater treatment plant using activated sludge treatment process with a capacity of 120 MLD for a service area of 5,600 ha and a population of about 100,000; tertiary treatment plant with a capacity of 40 MLD using biological and ozone treatment; separate sewer system; intake facilities; pump station; two grit chambers, eight preliminary and eight final sedimentation tanks, eight aeration tanks, sludge treatment facilities and administration building.

Scope of Services
Provision of consultancy services for basic and detailed design; tender evaluation; construction supervision; contract management; project planning and programming; operations management and training.

Sewerage Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Funding Institution
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Kachidoki Storm Water Drainage Project

Project Features
Mitigation of flood damages in the 180 ha high density Minato-ku area, improving the living conditions and promotion of economic activities through flood control and drainage improvement including the provision of the 29 cu m/s Kachidoki pumping station, four flood control gates, 64,000 cu m detention basin, and sedimentation control measures.

Scope of Services
Planning, design and construction supervision including preparation of hydrological and hydraulic models to simulate the storm runoff, detention pond sizing and flood patterns.

Client / Funding Institution
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

NJS Consultants Co., Ltd.

Head Office,Tokyo

  1-1-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023 Japan