Preparatory Study on Comprehensive Groundwater Development and Conservation Project in Bogota City

Project Features
Development of a sustainable and reliable water source for the population of Bogota City to address the rapidly growing demand.

Scope of Services
Conduct of a comprehensive water resources development and management plan for water supply utilizing groundwater including a sewerage component in Bogota City and the surrounding areas; conduct of site reconnaissance to assess the existing sources and facilities such as , intake structures and reservoirs; conduct of environmental and social impact assessment; preparation of the scope of work of recommended studies.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Sea Water Desalination in San Andres Island Project

Project Features
Construction of a sea water desalination plant and transmission/distribution pipelines in San Andres Island covering an area of approximately 44 sq. km., with a planned population of 14,000 having a maximum daily water demand of 7,000 cu.m/day

Scope of Services
Conduct of detailed survey, confirmation of the service area, site selection for the plant, route selection of the transmission main and distribution systems and study of available construction equipment and materials.

Japan International Cooperation Agency

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