Urgent Rehabilitation and Improvement of Sewerage System in Djibouti City

Project Features
Ministry of Public Works, Urban Planning and Housing (MTPUL) has been implementing the improvement of the sewage facilities in Djibouti City. The comprehensive improvement works in the urban central area have been carried out in late 1980s, termed as Phase 1 works. At the time of this project's inception, no major improvement or expansion works have been executed after Phase 1.

Major objectives of the project are: Reduction of contaminated water flowing into the sea and improvement of the quality of the sea; Reduction of water borne diseases; Improvement of landscape in the city

The tentatively proposed components of the project are: Rehabilitation of existing STPs; Rehabilitation of sewer network; Supply of critical O&M equipment; Urgent drainage works; Other appurtenant works

Scope of Services
NJS conducted advisory services for project development and loan application to the Japanese government.

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