Papua New Guinea


Port Moresby Sewerage System Upgrading Project

Project Features
Due to rapid urbanization and in light of the limited sewerage infrastructure, Port Moresby has seen the degradation of quality of its sea water and marine ecology, reduction of volume of coastal fishery catch and an increase in health risks to the local population. To address these problems, the Port Moresby Sewerage System Upgrading Project (POMSSUP) was formulated with the following components:

  1. Sewage Treatment Plant: Oxidation Ditch Process with treatment capacity of 13,800m3/day
  2. Access road: 1.73km for Kila Kila STP
  3. Ocean Outfall: 1.4km
  4. Sewers 35km
  5. Pumping Stations : 17
  6. Sludge Drying Bed

Scope of Services
Updating of the M/P and F/S reports; detailed engineering design; formulation of pilot project program, training and social development program, and the environmental monitoring program

Japan International Cooperation Agency; Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC)

Funding Institution
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)