Improvement of the Water Supply Facilities in Koror and Airai

Project Features
The project involved the provision of about 5,300 cu.m total average water supply quantity to 10,600 served population by the year 2000. It consisted of the installation of about 20 km water pipelines, control facilities for water tanks and water transfer pump facilities. The project sought to improve the water supply facilities in Koror and Airai areas of Government of Palau. These  areas are considered as the center of politics, trade and tourism. Over the years, population in these areas have sharply increased due to the influx of laborers and tourists from other countries, which in turn increased the demand for potable water supply.

Scope of Services
Prepared the preliminary feasibility study report. Conduct survey of the present water supply condition, collection of relevant data on the country’s development plans and water supply facilities, observation and evaluation of existing water supply facilities, soil test excavation along the water supply pipeline route, water quality tests and water pressure measurements, study on the served areas and population and the operation and maintenance of the existing facilities and study on the local availability of construction equipment and materials

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