The Project for Strategic Urban Development Plan of Greater Yangon

Project Features
Rehabilitation of 350 km of deteriorated pipes existing wells, Ngamoeyeik reservoir system (217 wells); Construction of 11 Service Reservoirs, New Hlaing WTP (Design capacity is 940,000 cu. m/d), New Hlawga WTP (Design capacity is 820,000cu. m/d); rehabilitation of 217 existing wells; development of pipeline network; development of groundwater in the West block; replacement of 3 pumps in Gyobyu; installation of 1 pump in Phugi

Scope of Services
Conduct of the study to formulate a Master Plan for the improvement of water supply system for design year 2020; preparation of a pre-feasibility study for priority projects; undertake technology transfer to counterpart personnel

Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC)

Funding Institution
Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services (JICWELS)