Marshall Islands


Majuro Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Project Features
The water supply and sanitation systems of the Majuro Atoll are inadequate to meet present demands, resulting in severe water rationing during drought periods and flooding of untreated sewage when failure of mechanical equipment occurs. The project aims to solve these problems through the rehabilitation, upgrading and expansion of key water supply and sewerage system facilities.

The project includes expansion of groundwater supply facilities, rehabilitation of water catchment facilities, provision of new raw water storage, expansion and rehabilitation of existing raw water storage, elevated storage tank, rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage system pumping equipment, rehabilitation and expansion of treatment system facilities, new water transmission lines, and a saltwater supply system for firefighting and toilet flushing.

Scope of Services
The range of services provided are grouped into several broad categories, as follows: review of earlier feasibility studies, projection of water demands; surveys and field investigations, preparation of designs and contract documents; investigation of the impact of the proposed project on the environment; planning of the construction program and assisting in the evaluation and award of the construction contract; and supervision of the construction works. NJS staff performed all electrical and mechanical engineering aspects of the above services.

Ministry of Resources and Development

Funding Institution
Asian Development Bank (ADB)