Tajoura and Souq Al Jouma Integrated Infrastructure Projects

Project Features
Construction of roads and urban infrastructure for two adjacent city districts in Tripoli with a combined area of 7,700 hectares and design population of approximately 400 thousand; primary, secondary and tertiary roads and infrastructure including 280 km of primary and secondary roads and more than 600 km of tertiary roads, together with associated storm drainage, water distribution, sewerage networks, pumping stations and rising mains; scope changes to the project have also introduced the construction of electrical, telecommunications and gas distribution networks; roads range from 6 lane urban highways down to minor tertiary roads, and pipelines range from
1000 mm ductile iron trunk mains down to house connections.

Scope of Services
Design concept and detailed design review and approval for all components, construction management and supervision, quality control, monitoring and reporting on design and construction activities to the Housing and Infrastructure Board through the Project Management Department; development of project roadmaps, strategies and approaches to significantly expand the contractors’ scope of works, modify the responsibilities of the contractor and introduce major improvements to the design of the infrastructure.

Housing and Infrastructure Board

Funding Institution
Government of Libya