Project Formation Study on Community Development Around the Sudanese Refugee Camps

Project Features
Provision of basic services to support the community development program of the UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF and NGOs in camps in the eastern border areas of Chad occupied by the Sudanese refugees who evacuated from southern western areas of Sudan to avoid murder and bloodshed; provision of food and domestic water, medical care and education.

Scope of Services
Collection of data and information on water supply projects, national organizations, implementation agency’s organization and capacity, present status of refugee camps, activities of UNHCR and NGO’s, local administration organizations, present status of village water supply and agricultural irrigation, education and medical care; conduct of needs survey for host village assistance conduct of survey on local contractors and local consultants; analysis of groundwater quality; participation in village water supply coordination meeting formed by UNICEF and WHO, Ministry of Water and Environment and NGOs; preparation of recommendations and final report.

Japan International Cooperation Agency

Funding Institution
Japan International Cooperation Agency