Urban infrastructure development project

Project Features
Improvement, upgrading, and expansion of urban infrastructure (water supply, sewerage, solid waste) facilities and basic urban services in Bhutan’s two largest cities, i.e., Thimphu and Phuentsholing and one regional center in Dagana covering five components:

Component A: Thimphu Urban Improvement (i) city-level works consisting of water supply source augmentation, treatment, and distribution; upgrading of existing wastewater treatment plant; and providing solid waste management infrastructure and equipment; and (ii) local urban infrastructure provision in four of the five new local areas of southern Thimphu currently being developed by Thimphu city Corporation.

Component B: Phuentsholing Urban Improvement will include (i) roads and drainage, (ii) footpaths and a pedestrian bridge, and (iii) social infrastructure such as fire hydrants and street lighting.

Component C: Dagana Urban Improvement will include (i) water supply source augmentation, treatment and distribution system improvement; (ii) sanitation improvement; and (iii) roads and drainage provision.

Components D and E: Technical Support and Project Implementation Support.

Scope of Services
Conduct of an independent review for Thimphu water supply on previous studies and recommendations on water source location, quality and quantity of water sources, assess cost estimates and WTP design and capacity, and present recommendations and report to the Government of Bhutan and ADB; conduct of geo-technical and slope stability study in Dagana with reference to past geo-tech studies to determine the causes of land slide and other geo-technical related risks occurring and to recommend the measures for imminent land slide risk including preparation of TOR and cost estimates for geo-technical survey and slope stability study .

Asian Development Bank

Funding Institution
Asian Development Bank