President's Message

We, as a Professional Water and Environment Consulting Firm, have always followed and will continue to follow our Management Philosophy of striving to create a prosperous society by proving safe and trusted technologies and services.

In this age of rapid urbanization and population growth, especially in developing countries, there is a high demand for infrastructure development and management; and we believe, with our consulting experience of over 60 years in Japan as well as abroad, we can provide advanced technologies and values to create secure infrastructures with high disaster resistance.

We aim to be a globally trusted Professional Water and Environmental Consultant by

  1. Creating safe and enhanced society through developing and improving water infrastructure and their sound management,
  2. Working on a global scale to solve water and environment related problems,
  3. Continuing to promote the creation of new values through technological developments,
  4. Training trustable human resources specializing in the field of water and the environment and;
  5. Promoting environmental impact mitigations, energy conservation, creating new sources of energy to promote sustainable society.




NJS Consultants Co., Ltd.

Head Office,Tokyo

  1-1-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023 Japan